Masked Menu

For those of us that are not comfortable taking our masks off in the company of others, I've created a menu full of services that accommodate both of us wearing a mask!  

Masked   Facials


Above the Mask Facial                             $45

          *Includes Gua Sha

          Series of 6                                 $245


Ultrasonic Above the Mask Facial               $55


LightStim LED Above the Mask Facial           $55         

Neck & Dec Treatment                              $50

          *Includes Gua Sha


Back Facial                                             $95

Series of 6                                            $475

Masked  Specialty Treatments

MyoLift Above the Mask Microcurrent                    $65

                                   Series of 6                   $350


Microneedling/Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)               Between the brows only                                  $80

       Forehead only                                         $110

       Crow’s feet only                                         $90

       All three areas                                          $150

       Series of 3                   Buy 2 get the 3rd  50% off


Ultimate Quintuple Treatment Series

6 Microcurrent, 3 CIT, 6 high frequency, 6 LED

and 3 finishing masks

        Between the brows only                            $375

        Forehead only                                         $525

        Crow’s feet & under eyes                           $450

        All three areas                                         $700

*Treatment times vary based on the modality being used*